Podcast #18- 237 Days to Go!

Podcast #18– Click here to listen to this week’s podcast- Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer AND Gloria the Groundhog?

We start with a quick recap of the week’s highlights.  We move right into a discussion about picking the perfect name for our Christmas Groundhog.  What name will we pick?  Will our groundhog maybe be Russian? (Insiders know how I love Cheburashka) Our main focus is on Rudolph.  The little reindeer that was born as a Department Store promotional product has grown to be one of the most beloved Christmas icons- right up there with Santa himself.  Of course we discuss the 1964 television special from Rankin & Bass too.  This annual animated gift added so much more to the basic tale of Rudolph: best friend, love interest, danger, intrigue, travel, rescue, and more!  Enjoy and let us hear what other Christmas songs or traditions you want to hear more about.

Countdown Podcast #6- 328 Days to Go!

Donkey Time– Click to hear this week’s Podcast.

This week Natalie & Jeremy planned to talk all about snowflakes.  Since it is unseasonably warm and it’s supposed to be over 60 the next two days, they weren’t in that mood at all.  So a last minute change was made and a new show created (much to their assistant Hildy’s dismay).  Today’s topics include more on Donkeys at Christmas- they show up in a number of songs.  Discussion also begins on Candlemas coming up on February 2nd.  Listen in to hear Nat’s review of Christmas Jars and their rough idea for a new holiday song classic.