Monte Inigo, Italian Christmas Tree

Yesterday, Jeremy and I were daydreaming about exotic places we would go IF we could go anywhere during the Christmas season.  We agreed that Christmas in Italy, especially at Vatican City would be a top choice.

In my research, I learned that the Italian city of Gubbio in the Umbria region creates a tree of lights 650 meters tall on the slopes of Monte Inigo.  I visualized a really tall skyscraper type of electric tree, but photos of the tree illustrate that is is actually created on the slope of the mountain with 8.5 kilometers of electric cable and thousands of lights. In 1991, it was recognized in the Guiness Book of World Records.

In 2011, the lights were switched on remotely by Pope Benedict XVI!  Established in 1981, the electricity for the tree is now generated by solar panels.

Gubbio and Monte Inigo are not as far away as I imagine.  Jessup in Northeastern Pennsylvania is Gubbio’s sister city.  Both towns celebrate Saint Ubaldo Day  (May 15).  There is an annual “Race of the Saints” (held on Memorial Day weekend in Jessup). Maybe Jessup should sponsor their own version of the Monte Inigo Christmas Tree so that we don’t have to travel as far?