Shake Up Christmas

Yesterday,  Jeremy and I were involved in yet another one of our annual work events.  When the stress level is high, it’s quite possible that one or the other of us will call for emergency supplies–a Diet Coke.  That made me think of the annual Coca Cola Christmas campaigns which began over 80 years ago and helped to shape our popular image of Santa Claus.

After reading the corporate history of the Coca Cola campaigns, I learned they began in 1922 with the slogan “Thirst Knows No Season.” This is because most people associated Coca Cola as a thirst-quenching warm weather beverage.  In 1931, Coca Cola commissioned Michigan-born illustrator Haddon Sundblom to develop advertising images of Santa Claus.  He based his illustrations on details in the “Twas a Night Before Christmas” story.

As I was thinking about Coca Cola, I decided to look at their most recent Christmas Campaign 2011 using a song “Shake up Christmas,” first recorded by Train in 2010 and then by Natasha Bedingfield for Coca Cola’s 2011 Christmas ads. How did I miss this song?  How did I miss the videos?  I like the Train video better than the 2011 campaign, but the theme is the same.  Santa shakes a snow globe and the world inside the snow globe comes alive with Christmas miracles.  It doesn’t cause tears like the Hallmark campaign, but it does warm the heart. Which version of the song do you like better?

More about Coca Cola in future posts.