National Tree Update

The newest National Christmas Tree has died.  The 26 feet tall Colorado Blue Spruce was declared dead last Saturday.  The tree fell victim to “transplant shock”.  You might remember this tree from New Jersey was planted just last year in March (check out our 2/20 podcast for details).  It only made it 14 months.  It replaced the national tree that stood on the mall for 33 years.  That tree died due to lighting, wind, and storm damage.  The most recent tree only was part of just one lone Christmas.  The warm summer of 2011 and the mild winter of 2012 are partly to blame for the new tree not taking root in the new location.  No worries though, the National Park Service has already selected the replacement tree. It is a Colorado Spruce that will be planted in DC in October, later this year. Rumor has it that it is from a state close to DC.  Maybe a Maryland tree will be selected to stand proud on the mall.   Believe it or not, the NPS actually always has a back up tree identified for transplant in the event of an emergency.  I wonder what happens to the dead tree?  Do you think they use it to mulch on the mall or what?  I think they should make some type of carved ornaments from it and sell them!

Countdown Podcast #9- 307 Days to Go!

The 2011 National Christmas Tree

1923 National Community Christmas Tree

The National Tree– Click to hear this week’s podcast.

This week we have been all about the President and anything Christmas that might be associated.  We briefly talk about our week of posts and then dive right into the National Christmas Tree.  This is THE tree that the President, or his designee, has lit each Christmas since 1923 (brief break 1942-1944 for World War II).  We discuss the ornaments, the electric, the set-up, the ceremony, ticket lotteries, and even the trees themselves.  You can do your own in-depth research at the tree’s website- The National Tree. If you just want to see some key points there is a simple timeline at National Tree Timeline.  We are so into this presidential Christmas information you can expect even more this week!