The best recycled Christmas card ornament

My mom responded to my call for Christmas cards, and tonight, she presented me with a box of them that most likely represents her entire mailing list from the past five years.  Armed with fresh cards, I’m ready to construct.

I tried a paper ball ornament that I found on a blog, “More Time Moms Musings.”  The ball is made out of strips of Christmas cards fastened together with a paper fastener at each end.  I was skeptical about the simplicity of it until I unfurled the fan of strips.  Voila!  I had a beautiful little ornament. What I like most is that the strips make the same picture that was on the card, except now it is in the round.  The photo here is from the blog site I found, but my ornament was equally pretty, with a blue-green forest of Christmas trees.

I demonstrated my craft to a co-worker, and when I fanned out the strips, I felt like a magician.  She was appropriately impressed.

After this post, I’m going to get down to business making a dozen or so.