Capture Winter Now

Well the first snow of 2012 here in Frederick really didn’t amount to much.  Couple inches of slushy snow with some ice on top.  No winter wonderland.  No days of work.  No hunkering down and digging out.  Too bad.  I love snow.  I love winter.  I plan to retire to the north coast of Maine where I can stand on the shore and see the ocean spray freeze.  I know most don’t share this love of snow and winter but everyone loves a beautiful snow-covered Christmas scene.  As Natalie shared yesterday, the likelihood of a white Christmas is pretty slim around these parts.  We have to take advantage of the snow when it comes.  Here’s a holiday hint for the rest of winter.  Keep a camera handy!  When the snow does come for real this winter snap some pictures.  Get those shots of places and things looking all wintry white.  Use these pictures to create holiday gifts.  One idea- get the perfect photo of your childhood home in winter glory. Find a unique antique frame or other display for it.  Give it to your parents with a card or note recalling a fond memory from Christmases growing up.  Another idea- Get shots of the kids out sledding and playing in the snow- makings of a great shot for holiday cards over those posed sweater shots.  One last idea- take pictures of scenic wilderness or wildlife in the snow.  Use them to create a calendar of local scenes.  A great gift for family and friends who have moved away.  Get those cameras ready and think snow!!!