Flower Check!

Well, it’s the 7th of the month again and you know what that means.  Time to check in on those 2011 Poinsettias.  The road to saving those flowers from last year to add to Christmas 2012 has been an interesting test of will.  I am back to the thinking that it is certainly just easier to by new ones on Black Friday at Lowe’s for 99 cents.  Those 2011 plants are remaining outside in the warm summer air (that’s a HUGE understatement lately) and be kept moist (a challenge when it’s 140 degrees out).  Early July is the next step to cut back the plants.  The guide instructs to cut all stems back an inch or two.  This will encourage the stout growth that will create a bushier plant come December.  Honestly my plants now look like a collections of stems with very few leaves.  My guide tells me this is to be expected and that I should see some bountiful growth from now to mid-August, when we move them back indoors and eventually back to many hours of total darkness. Hope springs eternal that this will be the best looking Poinsettia plants I’ve ever owned by December.  We shall all see!