Podcast #21- 216 Days to Go!

Podcast #21- Click here to listen to this week’s podcast- Saint Joseph gets some love too!

This week we start with our usual review of the past week and talk just a little about flash mobs and Christmas in July (more on that in July of course!).  We mainly discuss the lives and times of Saint Joseph, Mary’s husband by most accounts.  Unlike Mary there is little written on Joseph.   We do know that from what is written there is little agreement.  No definitive text exists to explain the life of Joseph.  Was he a widow?  Was he old?  Did he and Mary ever consummate their union?  Were they even married?  We don’t offer answers but do discuss some plausible maybes.  We leave open a difference on the actual divinity of Joseph.  Did he have a similar connection to God as Mary and Jesus?  More research will tell.