Podcast #33- 118 Days to Go!

Podcast #33- Click here to listen to this week’s podcast- Childhood wishes and Trees!

Natalie and I have a short dish on our conversation with the folks at the Festival of Trees.  As future “designers” for this year’s festival we might be part of some press for the event.  We also take a look at the week in review and then move into some good discussions on possible gifts related to your college students.  The Sears Wish Book and Christmas candy take a turn for talk (we’re making candy next Monday!!). We also beg some more for you to vote for our tree decoration theme.  Go to the Yule Log entry from August 18th to cast your vote before the Saturday deadline.

Sears Wish Book Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Roger and I were talking today about Christmases past, and he reminded me that Christmas shopping for us as children was a tour through the Sears Wishbook.  Both of us remember studying the advertisements and turning down pages as hints for our parents.

As of 2009, Sears has put its Wishbook online, but on Friday, August 24, Sears Canada celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Wishbook.  Sears Canada CEO Calvin McDonald toured his hometown of London, Ontario and hand-delivered the Wishbook to his neighbors.  (I have included a link to the Sacramento Bee news story here.)

There’s a great article summarizing the history of the Wishbook on the Sears Archives. With all the shopping choices we have today, it’s easy to be nostalgic for the past, when 605 pages (1968) was more than anyone could want or imagine!