Secret #6 for the Perfect Christmas

Remember that on the 25th of each month we will be revealing one of our secrets for the perfect Christmas in 2012.  Today we share secret #6- It doesn’t have to go your way.

This secret is pretty simple to grasp.  Things don’t have to be ideal for Christmas to be great.  We can so easily get bogged down with what didn’t work out or happen the way we expected that we don’t enjoy what actually happens.  So what if you couldn’t find exactly the gift you thought would be best, or couldn’t get the tickets to the must see concert, or couldn’t get to where you wanted to be a the exact time.  Embrace the season.  Enjoy the spirit of the holidays.  The most heart warming tales we love to read, hear, or see at the holidays almost all have things not going the right way as a common element.  Rudolph- definitely not what he thought his Christmas would be, Santa too that night.  Charlie Brown- he was certainly not enjoying how things were going at that Christmas Pageant.  All the Lifetime and Hallmark TV movies definitely have the plot focused on something gone wrong or unexpected.  Again I go back to Kevin in the movie Home Alone– little guy left behind by his family and he makes it work.  If we stop and think about the original Christmas we see that things for Mary and Joseph most definitely were not going their way.  I’m sure they did not plan to stay in a stable and Mary to give birth in a stall.  Cherish what happens and use your spirit and energy to make the best of it!

* Today also marks the 6 month point of our countdown.  Half a year gone!  We start all our podcasts with the phrase that “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and lately the weather has certainly not been what we think looks like it.  I was thinking today that this 90 degree weather and times at the shore is probably exactly what Christmas looks like for lots of people.  Think of the holiday in Australia- right when it’s warm and schools are on holiday.  I imagine the nostalgic imagines of a family Christmas might include the beach, cookouts, and time in the water if you were from down under.  So I will embrace this summer heat and think of how Christmas would be if the hemispheres were reversed and today’s weather was what I got on Christmas morning.  It is also giving me lots of ideas for our Christmas in July party coming up soon!

Secret #7 for the Perfect Christmas

Remember that on the 25th of each month we will be revealing one of our secrets for the perfect Christmas in 2012.  Today we reveal Secret #7- Memories are more magical than we think they are at the time!

Not sure why I can’t seem to remember what day it is!  So we’ll close out May with our #7 secret.  Memorial weekend took much of my energy and thoughts and I overlooked the 25th. Getting these secrets out is the important part, right?  Not so much what day we post them.

This secret to a perfect Christmas is one that you can’t very much control, and that’s the point.  Special memories come in all shapes and sizes.  We all have been a part of that special gathering or happening that was supposed to create the most amazing memories for all involved.  Large group, family, or just a couple could be prone to this type of expectation.  Way too often these staged memory events do end up being remembered, but more for the annoyance of all the planning, organizing, etc.  The true special intention gets lost in the attempts to make it so magical.  Think of all the sit-coms and movies that have that over-planned magic as a key plot point.   What we all need to remember is to enjoy the moment.  Live in the now, even at Christmas.  Plan special times together definitely but go for the regular, not the over done.  Here’s a great example.  You could set-up a huge evening for your family to go see Christmas Lights.  You order the limo, plan the special dinner, and chart a specific course of just the right houses to drive by.  Nice, but could go so wrong.  The memorable light trip might be the random night you decided to go look at lights instead of just driving home from the grocery store.  The simple and endearing times we share are the memories that will endure and be cherished.