I’ll give you the moon and the stars


Tomorrow night is the Blue Moon, the second full moon in the month of September. The actual full moon will occur tomorrow morning as we eat breakfast. Tonight’s nearly full moon was lovely, and it got me to thinking about celestial events near Christmas 2012. The full moon closest to Christmas will occur on December 28. It’s also called the Full Cold Moon.

Images of a starry night with the full or crescent moon are part of Christmas art and decoration. The nights are longer and the temperature makes the stars seem more brilliant. Of course, there’s the star of Bethlehem, too.

We give ornaments in the shapes of the moon and the stars, often topping our trees with stars. Many consider giving their loved one a real star, sanctioned by the International Star Registry. Seems like there’s a nearly inexhaustible supply to give, right? Sounds super romantic.

Before you go the route of a genuine star as a Christmas gift, check out this article in Wired Magazine. The author researched the authenticity of the company’s claims and came up short.

I think naming a star for someone sounds supremely romantic. Does it matter that your special star is not registered with The International Astronomical Union? Yes.

The author of the Wired Magazine article suggests that If you are the type who loves to wish upon stars, consider a more tangible moon and star gift–binoculars and a book about the heavens. I think that’s a unique idea, especially if the gift giver offers to star gaze together!