Memorial Day Sales? Christmas shopping strategy

Thanksgiving morning I’m industriously circling sales fliers while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  My sister-in-law invariably says, “My shopping is already done.”  Those are words that cause inward angst and irritation.  She’s raising four children! How does she do it?

I received a sales magazine for Uncommon Goods today.  I admit that at least half of my Christmas purchases came from their products last year–not on sale. This flier was a reminder about Father’s Day in two weeks.  All of the man-friendly gifts are concentrated in this month, so why don’t I buy them now for Christmas?

In fact, I bet there is a “best time” to buy just about everything.  I am always sharing my  “get rich slow” schemes (Here’s my best latest idea:  Chicken Portraits–, and I’m delighted to report that there’s an entire website called Get Rich Slowly: Personal Finance that Makes Cents.  In staff writer April Dykman’s post, she chronicles every type of item and the best time for the best prices.  Right now, according to her blog post, Father’s Day inspires great hardware store deals.  Also, new vacuum models come out in June, so there are clearance sales of older models. (I know there is a taboo about buying vacuums and appliances for the spouse for Christmas, but I don’t agree.)  Because this is wedding season, there are deep discounts on pots, pans and dishes.

My goal is to have it all done early!