Wine bottle Christmas tree

In Garretson, South Dakota, we went in search of the billboard advertised Christmas in the Attic store, only to discover that it had been out of business for several years. Driving through town, I spied this wine bottle Christmas tree in the window of Annie’s Coffeehouse and Wine Cafe. That required a stop for cappuccino and a quick chat with owner, Annie.

While many go for the traditional, I imagine the fun of collecting  the specific wine bottles with unique labels and colors for the tree. Indeed, what a unique theme for a Christmas party! BYOBottle with the most unusual packaging.

I had some difficulty, though, locating an affordable metal display rack. The only one that looked like it would fit the theme is made by Touch of Europe. It’s 4 feet high but a pricey $269.  Anyone else know where I can buy something like this for less?

Check out this HUGE wine bottle Christmas tree I found online…


7 comments on “Wine bottle Christmas tree

  1. Heath David says:

    where do you find or can buy this….

    • Robin Davis says:

      I want the big one, please tell me where you found it and if it is available for sale.

      • Sue says:

        Robin I just saw this big tree.It’s $1799 and the guy only makes a handful every year. If you see this and want more info post and I will look up the details.

  2. Kell says:

    Check out grocery stores or beverage they get wine racks for free for dispays and after they are done sometimes they sell cheap and if your a good customer get for free ask wine consultant or store manager can’t hurt

  3. Bill says:

    Look at all the parts that have to be bent and the separate pieces that need to be welded together. $269 is a fair price.

  4. CM says:

    Here’s a smaller option that stands about 14″ high and costs $14.99 at Cost Plus


  5. Dorinda says:

    RACKDISPLAYS in Whittler, CA has a 4.4’x33″ for $80. 🙂

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