Secret #1 For a Perfect Christmas

Remember that on the 25th of each month we have revealed one of our secrets for the perfect Christmas in 2012.  Today we share Secret #1- Love AND Family.

Before we share our #1 secret, let’s review numbers 10 through 2:

#10- Simple can be better.
#9- There is always room for one more.
#8- Christmas is not the time to bear a grudge, forgive!
#7- Memories are more magical than we think they are at the time.  
#6- It doesn’t have to go your way.
#5- Tradition, no matter how silly or bothersome, is key.
#4- Children!
#3- Giving time is more important than giving things.
#2- It’s okay to forget.

Lots of thought has gone into what will be our number one.  No doubt we will be spot-on for some readers and some might think we are way off.  Thinking of that original Christmas we were inspired for our number one.  Putting all of our secrets together and keeping the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas in focus, here is our #1: Love and Family.

That’s right, Love AND Family.  With those ideas guiding you and your actions for the holidays all will go well.  The original Christmas was centered on these ideals.  The love God had for the world caused him to send his son, Jesus Christ, and his family welcomed him to humble origins.  That simple family moment in the manger has given so much to the world over the last 2,000 years.  Mary & Joseph loved the baby Jesus and raised him to go out into the world to make his mark.  We must strive to make our Christmas one of love and family.  Too much time, energy, and money is spent trying to do otherwise.  Love will guide us all to make the best Christmas ever.  Use that love to strengthen family.  Family can mean many things.  It could be your blood relatives, close friends, or even strangers.  Families come in so many varieties, after all we are one huge family of mankind.  Remember all your family at the holidays.  Love AND family, that’s the key to a great Christmas 2012!